Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

      Today is hubby’s first Father’s Day.  I want to dedicate this post to him and let him know how wonderful of a father he is.  We created one perfect little girl that thinks the world of him. 
      When she was first born, everyone said she was a duplicate of him.  He even laughed and said “It looks like I fell asleep and someone shaved my head”.  People still comment on how they’ve never seen a baby that looks so much like their dad.

      Amelia was very colicky for the first 5 months of her life.  It was very difficult, both mentally and physically.  He would rock with her every night for months until 2 am so that I could get some sleep.


       He is very ingenuitive and comes up with ideas to make her comfortable.  White noise was the only thing that would calm her down, so he recorded the sound of our vacuum cleaner and made a CD.  The screaming would immediately stop once that sound was played. 

      Amelia’s first word was “dada”, and she knows what that word means.  Every morning when I take her to daycare, I make sure we say “bye bye dada, love you”.  When we get home, she immediately starts looking around for him.  If he is home, her feet kick and she smiles so big you can’t even see her eyes over those cheeks.

She is lucky to have such a caring and loving father.
I am lucky and thankful to have such a wonderful husband.
Happy Father’s Day!  You have shown Amelia unconditional love for her first year of life, and we look forward to the many years to come.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Busy Baby

        The past month has been crazy.   Amelia went swimming for the first time and LOVED the water.  I bought a baby float and she screamed the whole time she was in it.  When I held her in the water, she did the doggie paddle swim and wanted me to scoot her around.  She splashed and laughed.  Two days later, I get a call from her daycare.  “Everything is fine, but Amelia has a fever of 102.”  I ran out of work and picked her up to take her to the doctor.  Poor baby had an ear infection L  I will have to get some earplugs for her next swimming event.


         We have started going to the park at 8am on the weekends.  This is the perfect time because it’s not too hot and nobody is there.  She’s walking pretty well, so I let her roam around and she loves it.  My baby is growing up!


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