Saturday, September 22, 2012

Not a Baby Anymore

            We love it in PA so far.  The land here is beautiful, and there is always something to do.  We really enjoy going to the parks, and hiking in the woods.  Amelia is easily entertained with some acorns, rocks, and sticks.  I ask her to bake me something and she piles them up and starts stirring.  The only thing that would make this better is if we had family here.  It’s just the three of us, and sometimes it’s hard.
         My sweet baby is now a 2 year old.  The day she turned 2 (July 29th), it was as if something took over her. 
She started biting, spitting, and pinching.  It took a few weeks to cure her of that, but she still has her moments….

          We made a cake for her daddy’s birthday this week.  She sang “Happy Birthday” all week, thinking she would get more cake.  I’m just glad I could eat this cake guilt-free by taking my sugar blockers.  Each pill blocks up to 20 grams of sugar, so I took 5 pills for one slice! haha!  Josh kept calling it a UFO cake because of the shape (and it was humongous). 

          Happy Saturday everyone!

At Home Take 2

Monday, January 30, 2012

Already Sweet Enough

      Amelia is 18 months old and the only "sweets" she has is fruit.  She would eat fruit all day if we let her.  We didn't want to get her "hooked" on candy and junk food.  You know, the stuff that I like.
     After Family Swim day, they hand out Lollipops.  I was a little hesitant on letting her have one, but glad I did!  It was so cute seeing her make a sour face.  She liked holding the Lollipop, but didn't care for the taste.

   Do you let your kids eat candy?  When did you start letting them have it?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Puddle Jumper

    We have been taking Amelia to the local indoor pool for Family Swim.  She absolutely loves being in the water.  I have heard great reviews about the Puddle Jumper life jackets from friends, so we decided to get one.  Plus, they are Coast Guard approved.
   Doesn't she look so cute in her floaties?  She couldn't wait to get in the water and yell at the other kids.  There was a guy there with a really long beard and Amelia kept saying "Hey Clause!!".  She thought he was Santa.

The best deal we could find was on (super cheap this time of year!)  
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