Friday, January 13, 2012

Toddler Bed Try #1

       We have been having a difficult time with Amelia's sleeping for a few weeks.  She doesn't want to nap and she wakes up at 1am EVERY night crying.  I thought maybe we could try to transition her to a toddler bed.  She was a big help in putting her "big girl bed" together.  Notice the tongue sticking out:

     When the bed was finally put together, she realized what it was.  "Oh Wow!", she said along with "Nice!".

    Nap time rolled around and she wasn't having any part of that thing.  Running around the room like a mad woman, jumping on the bed, and crying screaming.

   I decided she wasn't ready for the "big girl bed" yet and back in the crib she went with her backup Binky's.  

       What have you tried for your toddler's transition?


  1. So cute!
    If you find any tips let me know, we are thinking of transitioning Judah out of co-sleeping, I am recently not getting any sleep and since we traveled so much (my husbands job) this past year it was hard to keep him in the crib at home and then switch to a hotel pack and play or crib when we traveled so we just let him co-sleep. But we do have to transition him out soon...I need my sleep

  2. Hi! I just got your comment on my blog (thank you!), and I thought I would come to see yours. Amelia is so adorable, and I totally know all about that 1 AM wake up call. We had that until Izzy was 18 months. It was a nightmare. It will get better. We aren't brave enough to try a toddle bed yet, but I can see it looming in our future! Good luck with your transition. My other three started in their "big boy/girl beds" after they were two, 2 1/2, but we had the beds set up in their rooms for a few months before switching. We let them play and snuggle on them. It will work out eventually. :)

  3. my 8 kids loved their crib! it was loaded with their favorite toys...once they were out of diapers we put them in their own bed..good luck!!
    I am your newer follower..pls follow back if you can!

  4. Thanks for joining us at Welcome to the weekend blog hop,following back :-)

  5. LOL toddler transition? My daughter hated her cot so much I just put her back in my bed to save my ears from any more screaming. Big girl bed?... I'm counting the days until she's ready.


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